Concierge Model

Consider how your legal services can be an asset, not an expense.

The Concierge Model allows our clients to focus on their businesses while we handle their legal matters, accruing more knowledge about their companies over time.  Through a committed relationship to each other, the Concierge Model allows your company to budget for its legal services with more certainty and at a lower cost.


The fundamentals of the Concierge Model are quality, knowledge, responsiveness, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our goal is to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients. Once we have an opportunity to learn about your legal needs, we will customize a plan for your specific business at a set monthly fee. Some of the benefits of the Concierge Model include time to get to know your company, reduced hourly rates/fixed fee arrangements on our services, and pre-determined number of hours to consult with us on any legal issues as they arise.


While this model is ideal for companies that do not have in-house counsel, it also allows us to support companies that do have internal legal practices for overflow work and/or specialized services. For your legal needs outside of our areas of expertise, we have an always-evolving network of legal professionals across multiple practices of the law and can help you locate the appropriate professional. We will use our knowledge of your business and our network of professionals to manage legal relationships for you, which will save you time getting another professional up to speed.


We believe that our dedication to becoming your partner and trusted advisor, particularly through the Concierge Model, presents a unique opportunity to your business to purchase legal services effectively and efficiently.