Proactive, informed advice based on integrity and experience.

Running a business in the 21st century is a complex undertaking. Legal challenges play a significant role in running a business.  Key concerns include (1) ongoing changes in the regulatory environment; (2) lack of workforce awareness of legal issues; (3) valuable employee and executive time expended on legal issues; and (4) unpredictable legal costs. If these challenges are not addressed competently, your business can be faced with legal liabilities, as well as reputation risk and competitive disadvantage.


To address these challenges effectively, you need to select a lawyer who will be your partner, not merely your lawyer. A partner who has the time and capacity to learn and understand your business will support you in managing your legal matters pro-actively, efficiently, and with a high level of integrity. Further, quality and affordability should not be mutually exclusive concepts.

Our firm was born from our passion for the practice of law and the drive to provide a different take on legal services for today’s business needs. We proudly introduce our external in-house counsel model which we call the Concierge Model.   Whether or not you have in-house legal resources, we can address specific gaps or act as your primary legal team.  Additionally, for matters outside of our areas of expertise, we act as your general counsel with knowledge of your company to work with niche counsel.